Monday, October 20, 2008

Went to the 'Y'

So today I finally bit the bullet and went to the YMCA for my orientation of the gym. Not like I have never been to a gym before, but it's like a whole mental game to decide to workout as well as eat healthy. So booking that orientation was a big step for me. I have lost 20 pounds, it's a good time to add exercise into the mix. I am kind of excited about it actually!! (easy to say now when I am on my ass on my couch!!) I think I will go 3 days a week. If I say 5 days a week, I think I will overwhelm myself. But 3 days would be good, right?? So I will go 3 days a week and do cardio and weights. Man, I am gonna be smokin hot...eventually. HAHA!!


The Guiltless Cafe said...

You already are smoking hot!

And yes, three days per week is fantastic. Being realistic is even better...5 days a week can be a goal to reach but don't beat yourself up trying to reach do have a life, remember :)

Go get 'em tiger!

Alexandria said...

I agree. You're already smokin' hawt! Yeah, I went that way: HAWT not HOT lol.

I cant wait to hear how you make out. I'm so happy for you!!

Kelly said...

Yes baby! SMOKIN!!!!!!!!!!