Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New gig in town

I didn't go to weigh in yesterday. There is a new Weight Watchers meeting in town on Thursday mornings, so I am going to hit that one tomorrow. I am hoping for the best!!

I think I had a pretty good Thanksgiving, but of course when I am being good I still don't have MAJOR weight loss, so we shall see. I did enjoy several glasses of Shiraz over the weekend (yee-haw) and a fine dessert of apple crisp with gluten-free oats and light ice cream. Awww, twas good I say. Oh and of course there was turkey!! But really the feast is turkey and veggies so that's pretty good!!

And I have started walking!! I did laps at the track while the kids had their classes at the YMCA and today I went out for a walk too. More importantly, I also booked my orientation for the gym at the Y so now I can stop procrastinating and start working out!!

I'll post tomorrow with my LOSS!!!!!

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Alexandria said...

Congrats on taking another step towards getting healthier and losing weight! I can't wait to hear about your weigh in tomorrow!!