Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OMG so slow!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today when I weighed in, I was hoping to lose 1.2 to hit my 20 pound loss. Well of course the universe had other plans for me. I wasn't even close!! I only lost 0.4. Grrr. I mean, I know I should be happy and a loss is a loss but this is so slow it is getting frustrating!! I am trying the best I can, which I think just isn't enough. I have to buckle down and do better!! And I have to add exercise, I know that. It's like a whole other mental thing to just decide to DO IT and starting working out. Why is it so hard???

This weekend is Claire's birthday (and she wants to go to the King's Buffet for Chinese!!) and then Thanksgiving on Saturday with my family) and again on Sunday (with Geoff's family). So yeah, I am expecting a gain next week. Not because I plan to pig out, but if I am doing good and only lose 0.4 then I am sure I will gain, it's just realistic.


But on the good side -- I hit the 160's!!!! YAY!! I am just under at 169.6, but it's a start!! So long 170's I will NEVER see you again!!!


Alexandria said...

Big hugs Nancy. I'm sorry it's so frustrating for you. It shouldn't be and you should be happy with the results. But I completely understand WHY you're frustrated. I would be too.

Julie said...

Im with you chiquita! I am due a gain tomorrow too.

It is tough, but you know what....we didn't get unhealthy overnight, so it makes sense it will take time.


Heather said...

I posted some Thanksgiving cheat notes in my Blog from our leader in case you want to take a look. ;) I think your doing great! ((HUGS))