Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Holy Crap!!

So as I think I have mentioned on this blog before, I was inspired to join Weight Watchers because of my friend and next door neighbour, Kathy. She is my hero having lost 79 pounds so far!!!!! *YAY KATHY!!* Well, one thing she does is get a Frosty EVERY Tuesday. It's her treat and she really looks forward to it. I had a low point day so I thought, I am following in Kathy's footsteps and I am getting a McFlurry!! (I like them better than Frosty's.)
WELL!! I enjoyed it I guess but as soon as I got home I had to rush to my site and check the McDonald's calculator to see just how many Points it was. 11!! OMG 11 Points in one?? Holy crap I say!! And it was a small!! LOL!! I mean, it was good I guess but wow!! How many people eat one of those things after eating a Big Mac and fries???? Yikes!!
I would have preferred a couple of glasses of wine.


Kelly said...

How many points in a Frosty?

Nancy Watts said...

It depends which kind and size. A medium vanilla is 9 Points. I had a small Smarties McFlurry.

The Guiltless Cafe said...

I agree...I would rather have a couple glasses of wine too!

Alexandria said...

Yay to your friend!
Yay to you for treating yourself!!

I love Frosties. OMG. Now I'm craving one. Thanks Nancy :P