Sunday, July 27, 2008

One of those days

Today was one of those days where I wasn't home much, therefore not eating properly. I had egg substitute and a piece of toast for a late breakfast (egg substitute is not as good as eggs, can I just say that right now?), and then we went to SIL's house for a visit. By this time I am starving. She invited us to stay for dinner so that was good. But she also proceeded to put out some bowls of chips and snacks (AND I AM STARVING) and normally I would have had a couple of glasses of wine too. Wow did I show self-control!! I did have a couple of European Pepperettes (OMG 7 Points!!) and a few broken up potato chips. It was so hard not to just devour them. At dinner I made good choices even though I couldn't weigh my food. When I got home I checked my Points and figured I had none left, but had also not gone over!! YAY!!

I am really hoping that I have a good weigh-in on Tuesday because I am heading to Oshawa for a week and I want to be motivated to stick with it, not discouraged. It helps that I said no to wine today (I've had one glass of wine since I started WW!!) and didn't scarf all the chips down. This is huge for me!!

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Tinamarie said...

Good for you resisting the temptations!! Way to go girl!