Sunday, July 27, 2008


I was introduced to these bars at an Epicure party I did recently. These bars are great!! They are raw, whole food bars.

(click picture to go to their site)

Here’s what was on the wrapper:

No added sugar - Unprocessed - Raw - Non-GMO - Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Soy Free - Vegan - Kosher.

Gluten-free??? I'll try them!!

Now with the WW lifestyle, they are a little high in Points and not Core at all, but from a healthy lifestyle they are phenomenal!! They are rich in Antioxidants, with a good balance of Vitamins, Essential Enzymes, Fiber, Minerals, Omega 3 & 6 EFAs, Protein and Complex Carbohydrates!! (OK I stole that line from another site, LOL!!) Anyway, they are basically full of GOOD STUFF even though they are high in calories. But for me, having a transportable snack that is gluten-free (and not potato chips or a chocolate bar) is HUGE!! I wish I had one of these today at my SIL's!!

They come in some amazing flavours too like Cherry Pie, Banana Cookie, Cashew Cookie, Key Lime Pie. *drool* Just the names make you think you are eating something bad!!

I bought a mixed box at Costco but I have seen them individually sold at the Superstore. I say try em!!


Kelly said...

how many calories per bar? They sound delish!!!!

Kelly said...

Oh by the way, can I put your link in my sidebar? That's how I remember which blogs to check out regularly LOL

Nancy Watts said...

The calories vary from 190-220+ or so. Each bar that I have tried is 4 or 5 Points. They have nuts in them, which as we know are higher in (good) fat.

Tinamarie said...

:( Too many calories for me. Are they a meal replacement?

Nancy Watts said...

They are not dubbed as a meal replacement, but they are for me!!

Rob said...

Lara's great but you might also like to try the Kardea gourmet nutrition bar. 7g fiber, 7g protein, 1g plant sterols, low saturated fat, only 150 calories----and these taste great and have great aroma. All four are vegetarian --- utilizing no dairy and utlizing lower glycemic agave and brown rice syrup as the primary sweeteners. 2 are vegan (chai spice and banana nut). We would be glad to send you samples for trial.

Judy Kallman said...

My first Lara bar since being on WW. Very satisfying for hunger and a sweet tooth.