Monday, July 28, 2008

Got a new haircut!

But of course it just makes my face feel fat. It's nice and light though, which I do like. I can't wait until my face looks thinner!! (well my body too of course!!)

Had a good day again today, though it's 10:21pm and I think I still have a few Points left. Weigh-in is tomorrow and I can't wait!! As always, I am hoping for at least 1 pound lost.

I've been asked how the Larabars taste and I have to say, I quite enjoy them!! You have to like dates and the like though, as that is basically the "paste" that holds them together. Today I had to run out and do some errands right over lunch time, so I grabbed one of those to have. I love that about them!! Otherwise, in my "old life" I would have just not eaten or maybe grabbed something junky while I was out. Something so small is such a big deal for me!!

I'm all packed up and ready to head to Oshawa after my WW meeting tomorrow. I've got my kitchen scale, WW books and my handy-dandy little Points calculator. This should be interesting to see how the week away from home goes. I know I can be good!!

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