Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here I go again. Again.

Wow, what a summer it has been!! And I don't just mean how fast it went by, or how crappy the weather was (most of the time). I don't even mean all the good times we had as a family, and we had a fun summer!!

Nono, of course, I mean all the food I ate.

Yeppers, that's me - squashed under the wagon, again.

The last time I weighed in at Weight Watchers was July 18th. I *think* I was around 163. Still struggling around the 25 pound loss mark. Knowing I had a busy summer ahead of me and I would be away alot, I decided not to renew my membership until after the summer was over. Of course, in my mind that began to mean FREEDOM to eat whatever I wanted. It truly is a sickness eh? I swear I'd think "what should I eat/drink before I start again, get back on the wagon again, back on track again?". The answer was chips, chocolate, french fries, wine, coolers, desserts... Sick.

But, the kids went back to school today and on Thursday I will begin again. Again.

And I have decided to go it on my own. Eeeek. The last 6 months with Weigh Watchers wasn't working very well for me. I hit my 25 pounds lost in November 2008 and by June of 2009 I was still hovering around the same mark. That is not right and it's very frustrating. So I am going to see if I can do this on my own. I know I can!! I will track at Calorie Count and be better about my blog posts as a way to keep accountable. I will weigh in on Thursday and hope that a dream I had doesn't come true. A few weeks ago I dreamt I gained 12 pounds. Please no.

So wish me luck. Again.

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