Monday, March 23, 2009

It's been awhile...

Since I blogged. I've been pretty consistent with my weight loss, though it has been a slow start to 2009.

In the new year I vowed to start getting better about eating breakfast, eating before noon!! So I bought a Magic Bullet and some protein powder and set out to have a smoothie shake every morning. I did very good and quite enjoyed them. But my weight loss was enfuriatingly slow!! Finally my dad asked, "When did you start the protein powder?" My answer, "January." "And when did your weight loss slow down?" "January." Hmmmm. Well isn't that interesting!?!??! So needless to say, I quit the protein powder and, low and behold, lost 3.2 pounds that week!!!

At the same time, I had joined a group at the YMCA called Y Not Shrink It, which was a Biggest Loser-type program where a group of us worked out twice a week with a trainer. It was fun but hard work!! They took our weight and measurements. During the 7 weeks I did that, I lost 7 pounds and 7 inches!! Not bad!! I signed up again and start the next round tomorrow!!

So I continue to be down around 25 pounds. I feel like I have been lingering here forever!! I went to our Epicure conference at the beginning of March and received many compliments about how much weight I had lost. It felt good to hear because I often do not feel like I have lost much at all. I even dressed up for Gala in a swanky dress!!

So I am back on track...expecting to gain this week because with March Break I was not tracking and stuff.
Goal weight here I come!!


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