Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!

It's been awhile, I sure have been slacking quite a bit on this blog, eh. Been slacking on the weight loss too during the holidays. I weigh in on Thursday and hope to hell it is not as bad as I fear!! LOL!! I haven't been completely horrible over the holidays, but I wasn't as good as I had planned to be (the best intentions, right?) Chocolate, wine, Chinese food. All could spell disaster for me on Thursday!! I am hoping I didn't gain more than 2 pounds. We will have to wait and see!! Tomorrow I am back on track 100%.

My motivation continues with my friends and neighbours, Kathy and Cory, who are doing so incredibly well with their weight loss that you can't help but be inspired - and awww'd by them. I don't have their permission to post this, but they look so great how could they mind? This was them on New Year's Eve - Kathy down 104 pounds (I think) and Cory down 90. WOW!!

I can't wait until I can see a picture of myself and really SEE the weight loss!! Congrats guys!!

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