Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I had a good day today again. Other than heating up a nice 5-Point Lean Cuisine only to discover (before digging in, thankfully!!) that it had whole wheat orzo pasta in it!! I thought it was rice!! Yikes!! I really have to go grocery shopping!!

I am still struggling most days to use up my Points. Crazy, I know!! Tonight I still had 6 Points left. Seems weird to eat just because I "have to". So I grabbed a couple of those little 100-calorie Lay's chips bags.
I bought them awhile ago, but hadn't even opened the box yet. I thought they were 2 Points for the bag (duh, 100 calories) but they are actually 3 Points!!! That darn fat content!! LOL!! Luckily I had enough Points so it was OK. I have to admit though, it wasn't worth it!! What a teeny bag and really just a tease!! And I had two of them!! I think I'd rather weigh out a serving or two from a big bag into a bowl. Something about that makes it seem more satisfying. And I am all about tricking my brain!! LOL!!

I have been introduced to a WICKED alcoholic beverage!! (thanks, Ange!!) First, Mikes LIGHT Hard Lemonades are only 2 Points for the bottle!! That is awesome enough!! But then my dear friend and colleague shared with me this weekend the wonderful world of Silhouette Citrus Fiz and Lime vodka!! OMG Delish!!! It would be the same Points as the Mike's Light, but I think this tastes better!! I have Cranberry vodka too so I bought both the Citrus and Cranberry-Raspberry Fiz so I can try that one too!!


Alexandria said...

Im so glad things are going well. That's really awesome. And mmmm those drinks look GOOD! Where can I find them?

Heather said...

I have the same trouble making sure I use all my points!
Those drinks sound so good. HMMM something to try once I"m not nursing. :)