Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hit the 10 pound mark!!!

It's been awhile, but I am happy to say I did good while away!!! I weighed in today and lost 2.4 pounds for a total of 11.2!! YAY!! I have to admit I was worried, even though I was really good!! Sometimes I my body can betray me!! LOL!! So yeah, I was away in Oshawa visiting my family and friends. We visited our friend's trailer and my brother's trailer. Lots of opportunity to eat - and drink - too much!! Then last weekend I was away at the Epicure Leadership Conference for my home biz where again I could have eaten - and drank - too much!! LOL!! So I was pretty proud of myself for not overindulging!!

This slow and steady stuff is hard though. I joined WW on June 24th and have lost 11.2 pounds. I was hoping to have hit my 10% mark by now (18 pounds) but noooooo. I mean, I know that 1-2 pounds a week is the best way to lose it, but sometimes it is just hard and frustrating!! I wouldn't say it is hard to eat the way I do now, though it is hard to say no while you are out and stuff like that, but still, I'd like to see more loss so far (I know, I know, who doesn't!!).

But all of that aside, I am LOSING!! I am under 180 pounds and I cannot wait to see myself thin!!!!!!!


Holly said...

Woo hoo! Nancy, way to go!!!
Love your blog, keep up the good work! :)

Tinamarie said...

Way to go Nanc!! Soo proud of you! We are going to be thin together in ______ in 2010. LOL

Alexandria said...

Oh Nancy that is fantastic news. I'm so happy for you!!