Wednesday, July 13, 2011

90 Day Challenge!

Here I am again and instead of focusing on the negative and thinking about how many starts I have had, I am just going to look forward.

Today I started the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge!! My weight today was 181.8 BUT I did just do a cleanse on Monday for a colonoscopy yesterday so I think I lost some weight there. Maybe it's a good time to start because of that! Anyway, Body by Vi are shakes that are chock-full of nutrients!! They say that one shake is the equivalent to a TON of food in terms of nutritional value!! I am very bad about eating properly, and not just by eating good or bad foods. I often don't eat enough, don't eat breakfast, etc. Having two shakes a day should help with that. And they are

Anyway, I was going to start a new blog to document my 90 day challenge, but then I decided to come back to this one because it IS a journey and as you can see, 3 years later I am pretty much back where I started. Sigh. But today is once again a new day!!

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Terri Rau said...

Congratulations on starting your journey Nancy! You couldn't have asked for a better program than the 90 day challenge.

I'm over 30 days into the challenge and down 16 pounds, and I'm sure inches as well, feel great, less stress, more energy.

The nice thing is that fruit is in season and I love fresh fruit in my Shakes.

Just know you are improving your health from the inside out.

Best of luck to you. You can do this!